We have not forgotten; We will never forget; We will always care. 

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Please sign our guest book for the Anthony 9-11 Memorial.

We would appreciate your thoughts about our endeavor.  It will help us make this memorial a special place for everyone.  Please email your comments to us so we may share your thoughts with other visitors.

Please email your comments to our committee at:

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Your comments:

Sept. 29,2003

Although I no longer live in Anthony it was where I was born and raised.  I've always been proud of being from there but now more than ever.  Anthonians you have done yourself proud.  The support you gave to the 9-11 situation and the memorial pretty much says it all.  Proud to be an American and proud to be from Anthony, KS!  Thank you all,

Deb (Kaup) Irvin
Colorado Springs, CO

Oct. 1, 2003

My family and I would like to donate an engraved brick in honor of our one and only hero and our daddy, Joe Spor, Jr. 

Colleen Casey Spor & family

( What a wonderful website)

Jan. 25, 2004
To the town of Anthony, KS,

What a beautiful memorial you are going to build.  It's comforting that a small town in Kansas recognizes the devastation from one tragic day and has not forgotten.

You should be proud.......Please put me on your mailing/update list.  I would be interested in donating a brick in memory of Joseph Spor Jr.

Sincerely yours,


Feb 2, 2004

9-11 Memorial

We recently  heard  of  the 9-11 Memorial dedication. Please send us any information you have on this event. 


Sharon Carey

Sun, 22 Feb 2004

Dear Mayor Schott,

I write in support of your memorial to be dedicated in September.  By way of introduction, I am Charlie Huber, father of Lt. Joe Huber, FDNY.  Joe has kept us informed of his "Anthony Connection" since day one. I feel as if I am well acquainted with you and the wonderful town of Anthony, Kansas. The welcome and support you and your city gave him and the FDNY will always be remembered. The gifts to Colleen and her children were blessings and love from the heart of each donor in Anthony.

Not only will my wife and I purchase a brick, but I will inform others who may wish to participate in your program. I am a member of our local fire department, so you know they will be encouraged to sign up. (I was an active member back in the 60's, trained in the seminary and came back as chaplain.)

One of my daughters is ready to contribute but wants to know what can be put on the brick. How big is each brick? How many lines of inscription on each? How many letters per line? We have memorial bricks in front of our church, so we are a bit familiar with such a remembrance walk.

I have copied some of the pages from your memorial website to help sell the project.

Thank you for everything, 

Tuesday, March 23, 2004 1:42 PM
Memorial Bricks

Ms. Crowe:
I have two friends who both lost their sons on 9/11.  They were both firefighters who grew up together, joined the fire service together, rotated through three stations together and, when last seen, were together at the Trade Center.  As you might guess, when both families received notification that remains had been positively identified, they decided to bury the boys together.
I would like to purchase personalized bricks for both, but it's crucial that the bricks be placed together.  Is this something that can be arranged?  
Thank you for your time and, more importantly, your efforts to help remember those taken.  Take care.
Ms. Crowe: 
After we spoke yesterday, something came to mind.  As you may or may not know, there has been a decision made about the design of the memorial proposed for NY.  Specifically, the families have been told that the names had to be listed randomly.  This was very troubling to many of the families of first responders.  Most had hoped their loved ones could be listed together, i.e., allowing the firefighters to be listed with others lost from their companies.
If it doesn't complicate things too much, I would like to make arrangements to have bricks "reserved" for the individuals listed below.   As you can see, I've listed them by company, which, if possible is how I would like them placed. 
Do you think this will be a problem?  If not, would you consider allowing other families/friends to make a similar request?
Finally, if it's okay, I'm sending the funds for the bricks I would like to "reserve", but it's my preference to allow the families of each to decide what their loved one's brick will say.  With this in mind, I will be forwarding your order forms to the families and ask that they send them directly to you.
Hopefully, this doesn't complicate things too much.  If it does, please don't hesitate to say so. 
Please reserve bricks for the following individuals and list/group them as follows:  
LT. Kevin Pfeifer, Engine 33
FF. Robert King, Jr., Engine 33
FF. David Arce, Engine 33
FF. Michael Boyle, Engine 33
FF. Keithroy Maynard, Engine 33 
FF. Brian Bilcher, Ladder 9
FF. Robert Evans, Ladder 9
FF. Jeffrey Walz, Ladder
FF. John Tierney, Ladder 9
FF. Gerard Baptiste, Ladder 9 
CPT. James J. Corrigan, FDNY Retired
FF. Philip Hayes, FDNY Retired
FF. William X. Wren, FDNY Retired
Purchasing the bricks is something I want to do, regardless of the City's decision about placement.  With this in mind I have forwarded funds for thirteen bricks.
Can't thank you enough for your time, as well as what I hope will be a favorable decision on your part regarding the placement of the bricks.  Take care. 

Thanks a bunch.  You've really made my day.  I sent the info up to Michael & David's parents today.  I know it will be a bright spot in their day.  Can't tell you how much I appreciate everything. 
I intend to put the word out about what you've agreed to do.  I'm pretty sure you'll be hearing from others.  Please keep me posted on the progress.  If you don't mind, I may check in from time to time to see how things are going.  
I also want you to know how nice it is to come across folks that remember.  It seems the numbers grow fewer by the day.  Many thanks to you and the City of Anthony.  Take care.


Sent: March 23, 2004 6:51 PM
Chief Mag
Please notify me of any updates to this program
meanwhile I will send a donation for the brick

March 23, 2004



[9-11 Committee response]


Thank you for your thoughts about Sept. 11.  We understand that there were others killed there, as well as in DC and PA.  The Anthony 9-11 Memorial is being erected to the memory of those true patriots who gave their lives during this horrific tragedy in NYC, Washington D.C. and a field near Shanksville, Pennsylvania, and to honor those left behind.  The memorial is about ordinary people who met extraordinary challenges, working together to make a difference across our nation, and in the lives of one heroic firefighter's family.  It will tell the story of the connection between a small farming community in south-central Kansas, fallen firefighter Joseph P. Spor, Jr. and his brothers at Engine 88, Ladder 38.
Anthony's personal connection has been made by adopting one family and helping them through their future.  We realize, as a small town of 2,300 hard working people, we would not be able to make a difference in the realm of the disasters at hand, but we could help one family.  We wish we could have helped more.
Our memorial is for everyone; we want it to be a place where generations to come will learn how those events affected our country as a whole.  How rescue workers, whether they were firefighters, police officers, medics, or the people from all walks of life, worked together to help each other through this difficult time in our lives. 
I'm sure the events you witnessed will be with you forever.  Even though we live 1,500 miles from NYC, we were horrified by the images we saw.  Our thoughts will always be with the people who were there, those who lost loved ones, no matter their reason for being where they were that day, no matter what their nationality was.
Debbie Mangen
Anthony's Sept. 11 Committee Member

To whom it may concern,
I would like to take this opportunity to let you know what a noble task you have taken on.  This is a great tribute to the people of Anthony Kansas and the whole state of Kansas.  I have always said that it is up to our generation to preserve the memories of what took place in America on this date.  We can not rely on the Federal government to write books and stories about men and women who died that day.  We have to take the initiative and build our own memorials and have our own tributes to the families and love ones that "we will never forget". 
I would like to remind you that FF Joseph Spor was killed that day while working in Rescue Co. 3. 
 J. Gaine

Please add me to your e-mail address book, . Also send me a brochure. 
Thank You
Firefighter Luis F. Fragoso

Please send me updates on the memorial. I used to work with Joe Spor and sent out my donation for a brick in his memory.

Tom Carlson

I read about this memorial in the New York Daily News today.  What a wonderful town you are from!  I am originally from the Bronx, and now live in West Nyack, NY, about 30 minutes away.

My husband had many appointments down at the World Trade Center at all times, so on 9/11, I didn't know if he was there or not, and at first I couldn't reach him on his cell phone.  I also knew many people who I knew where definitely down there, after working for 15 years in Manhattan myself, and having many, many friends who are police and firemen.

My fifth child was 12 days old on that day, and I was a complete wreck.  However, I was one of the lucky ones whose husband came home that day.  My sister walked from Manhattan to the Bronx.  Many could not.

One of those people were Donald McIntyre, someone I went to high school with in the Bronx, graduating in 1980.  I hadn't seen "Mackey" since then, but I did talk to him in 2000 when I was running our 20th high school reunion.  He couldn't make it then, his wife would be away and he was in charge of the two kids, but "nothing would keep him from the 25th".  Little did we all know.  I had a lovely conversation with him, and remember wishing he could attend. He was a Port Authority police office stationed at the WTC.

When I heard Mackey was lost, I pulled out my yearbook.  He had written me a lengthy farewell next to his photo, and the words were very sweet and funny, just as I remembered him.  The last line was most poignant: "Please don't ever forget me."

So, it is with this in mind that I would like to purchase a brick for my old friend Donald J. McIntyre, whose third child was born three months after Sept. 11th.  I have printed out the form, and will mail it to you tomorrow.

Thank you, and your wonderful town, for this opportunity.


Colette Minogue-Cannataro
Class of 1980
St. Nicholas of Tolentine High School, Bronx, New York

I read about you guys in the Daily News on 3/23/04. Thank You for all that you are doing....I had the honor of knowing Joe Spor....Please send me updates and a brochure.. I will pass the word around about the 9/11 memorial. 
Tony Bueti  

Dear Committee,

Three hundred forty three of my brothers died on September 11th.  Please accept my donation for three memorial bricks in honor of them and my good friend and brother, Joe Huber.  I thank you for honoring all the 9-11 heroes and your support for Joe Spor's family.  We will "NEVER FORGET".

Thanks again, 

Nicholas J. Alberti

Bloomingdale, New Jersey 



My father, Elmer W. "Pete" Mills was a member of Engine Company 88 for nearly thirty years until he retired.  He passed away in 1987, and spoke constantly about how much he missed "the job" and his "brothers".  I have no doubt that if he had been alive on September 11th, he would have grabbed his helmet and gear and reported for duty.  On the other hand, I'm grateful that he wasn't around to see it, because it would have broken his heart.


Therefore, I would like to purchase a brick for the Anthony, Kansas 9-11 Memorial in his name.


Thank you.

Sincerely Yours,

Mary A. Mills


Thank you, Anthony, Kansas for your thoughts and actions.

Jack Culkin, FDNY, Ret.

March 29, 2004 9:22 AM

Thank You for this wonderful project.  I am a survivor of the WTC attacks on 9-11 ( in the concourse area underneath when the first plane hit the north tower).  I was just outside the south tower when it was hit.  I live in Shawnee, Kansas (outside of KC) and saw a piece on the local news about your project.  Please let me know if there is anything I can do to assist you in your efforts.  As you might imagine it is very important to me to ensure that all  remember those brave men and women who gave their lives that day.  Thank you again for organizing this wonderful tribute.  
Wm. Shane Gentry
Shawnee, Kansas 66216
March, 2004

To The Towns People of Anthony, Kansas

Our dear friend, Joe Huber, (FDNY L38) has told us about your wonderful town and how supportive you all have been to the Spor Family!  We would like to have our heroes added to your beautiful Memorial!

God Bless you all and please continue to keep all families of 9-11 in your prayers!

God Bless.

The George Kopac Family

Thanks so much for including the pictures of Cole and Joe on your website ... I have an article that was in our local paper, too, that I put in .pdf form which will hopefully raise some awareness for the Memorial.  We are planning on coming to Anthony the w/end of 9/11 and hopefully bringing some of our local firemen.

Thanks, again!!!!
Keep in touch!

Michelle O'Leary

Kearney, Missouri

Hi Debbie, 

    Well back to the answering to your question of Cole, his last name is O’Leary. Hi Dad, Uncle, Great Uncle (my husband) and Grandfather (retired) are all Policemen. Cole has had a lot of exposure to both fire and police. My husband was a volunteer fireman since he was fourteen. Then when he took the position of Police Chief in’85 he had less and less time to give.  He and Cole go to the station frequently. Cole also likes to ride with Tom in his new Ford 150,4x4 police truck.  We’re in a small town also.

           Thanks for remembering us. We wish you all the luck in getting the memorial built. We intend to buy a couple of bricks and to attend the dedication in September. 

            Bye for now,

            Sharon Carey

 March 30, 2004 8:52 AM
 9-11 Memorial

Dear friends,  I want to THANK YOU as a committee for all of the work you have done up to this point.  I am so proud to be a resident of this small town.  I will never forget this day.    

Wynona L. Mandevill,    Anthony, Ks. 

Chris Gardner

April 2, 2004


I think it is great to see FDNY firefighters still being remembered.  Having met Joe  makes things even more special.  Please send me more information.  I am a local firefighter and knew many firefighters lost in 9-11.  Keep up the remembrance.  NEVER FORGET 9-11.


Mutual Engine and Hose Co.

Mount Kisco, New York

April 12, 2004

You should be congratulated for the wonderful web site you all put together.  I never get tired of hearing stories like Anthony's relationship with the Rescue-3 firehouse.  I've read recently that  when horror or atrocities occur that it cracks open the human heart and allows the true goodness to come out for all to see.  Anthony's relationship with the Bronx is such an example!

I'm not surprised to hear of your experience with [my friend].  She has been nothing short of an angel on my shoulder for the past year and a half, in getting my film out there for all to see.  She's also--from behind the scenes--performed countless random acts of kindness to many family members of the firemen that perished on Sept 11th.  She's truly, one of the good guys.

I'm very happy to hear that Anthony was the recipient of a piece of World Trade Center steel.  I feel however, that it's a travesty that more towns like Anthony, who were there for us when it counted, weren't more the bulk of the salvaged steel wound up (as I understand it) in Japan...sold as scrap.

I wish you all the luck in the world this coming September 11th when your rescue truck will rides into town featuring your well earned steel memorial for all to see.  It should truly be a moment to remember.  I'm certain you will make NYC proud.

I wish you a very Happy Easter and once again, thank you for writing me.


Mike Lennon

Dear Sir or Madam;


I read about the 9/11 Memorial which will be erected in Anthony, in today's Wichita Eagle newspaper.


I would like to participate by ordering a brick.


I am sure it will be a handsome, meaningful memorial, once completed, and I certainly hope to visit it.


Please advise when it is anticipated the Memorial will be completed.



Les V. Taylor

15 April 04


Here is a bit of help for creating your 9-11 Memorial.  I only wish there could be lots more zeros before the decimal point.


If it wouldn't create a fuss, could a brick simply say  "God Bless"?

2nd choice: "In remembrance".


With Thanksgiving for your community's reaching out and caring, and with good wishes that your goal is achieved,


Joyce McIntosh

Independence, Missouri

A great project for Anthony!


Carolyn Langenwalter

Winfield, Kansas



Dear Sirs:


Being a native of Kansas, I'm proud to donate to your town's memorial.  Good luck with your project.


Billie and Glenn McCullough

Nevada, Missouri





To the City of Anthony,


I was impressed with your Sept. 11 Memorial plans.  (Article in Wichita Eagle 4/18/04)


I was born in Anthony 1938.  My family roots are in Anthony and I still have family living there.  I grew up in Kiowa, Ks and still pass through Anthony on my way to my home town of Kiowa.


Like what your mayor is doing with this memorial!  A very Christian Act!  Will plan on being there Sept. 11.


Brick to read:  For those who gave so much!  Mac & B. Kastens.


Mac Kastens

To whom it may concern:


After reading the article this A.M. in the Kansas City Star about the 9-11 Memorial the town of Anthony is trying to fund.  We felt moved to send this check to help with the cost.  As a Firefighter-EMT (Bob) for the past 25 years for the City of Lenexa, and having an identical twin brother as an EMT (Bill) for the past 27 years for Johnson County Medical Action.  We can relate to all the EMS Men and Women of 9-11.


We would be honored to have our names placed together on a brick for the walkway.  Please engrave Bob and Bill Burnett.


Thank you to all who are involved in this project.  As fellow Kansas folk we are proud of you and our state.


Bob and Bill Burnett

Merriam, Kansas


To whom it may concern:


Your article in the K.C. Star today moved me.  I hope it moved others as well!  Good luck in your endeavor.  I think it is fabulous that your town has taken this on.



Maureen Purcell

Bless You!!


Carol I. Mott

Pratt, Kansas



Thank you so much for this beautiful tribute!


God Bless You, 

Virginia McDermott, daughter of Philip T. Hayes


April 20, 2004 7:29 PM
My husband is a retired FDNY Battalion Chief and lost many many friends on that tragic day.  We've already donated for a brick and would like to be updated on your progress of the monument.  
Thanks for your efforts and remembrance of our heroes.
Carol Culkin

April 21, 2004 8:29 PM
9-11 Memorial
I'd like to buy two bricks and have my fathers' name engraved on one brick and my mothers' name engraved on the other.  My parents grew up and are buried in Anthony.
Would this be appropriate for the memorial?

My parents are Lynndell Baker and Virginia Baker-Hays. (Mom remarried after my father died.) I doubt you know my parents because they lived in Anthony in the 1920's through the 1940's.

Thanks again.
 Ted Baker

Shawnee, Kansas

May 13, 2004


Although I never lived in Anthony, my father's family lived there all of my life.  Jesse and Mae Wymer lived in Anthony forever, as far as I can remember.  I am proud to say I have roots that are fixed in Anthony.  I don't get the opportunity to get to Anthony much anymore, but my thoughts are fond memories of Anthony and the people there.   


Terry Wymer


A small donation for your project.  I read about it in the Kansas City Star.  I'm from a small Kansas town also, so I admire your community spirit.


Joan Perez

The Caldwell Fire Dept. would like to purchase two bricks for the brick walkway.


Thank you.

Dennis Thurman Sr.

Caldwell, Kansas

May 13, 2004


Dear Mayor Schott,


Please find enclosed my check for 2 bricks in honor and memory of my husband, Parker K. Harrison and honor and memory of my son, Chester A. Harrison, for the World Trade Center Memorial which I think is wonderful.


Thank you very much!

Kathryn A. Harrison

Derby, Kansas

My wife was born on 9-11-30.  She was 71 on 9-11-2001and had gotten home from the hospital when this happened.  She had cancer from 8-1-2001 until she died on 12-8-2001.  This brick is in memory of her.  I will try to come to the dedication. 


Thank you.

Earl Love

Shawnee, Ks

Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Anthony, Kansas

Please e-mail info about your memorial to the firefighters. Our son was killed on Sept. 11th and we would like to honor him by being part of your memorial.  

Thank you,   

Mary Ann Sweeney


Sent: Monday, June 14, 2004 11:40 AM

Thanks for your quick response.  I've talked to some friends and we've decided we want to purchase twenty-three bricks in memory of the NYPD members who were taken on 9-11.  Please give me a week or so to round up the checks.  In the meantime.....

 Would you mind e-mailing them again and let them know the gesture has been made in memory of the Vigiano Brothers.   I'm also hoping you won't mind asking them to provide you with a list so we're sure to get their ranks and unit numbers right.

 If you don't hear from them within a week or so, I'll send it directly to Mr. Vigiano.  Ditto if it's something you're not comfortable with doing.

 Thanks again for everything.  I'll talk to you soon.


Sent: June 20, 2004 4:04 PM
Subject: coming home

I just wanted to say thank you.  I do not need this posted on the website.

 I am sure many of you know who I am as my mother is on the committee.  I know that getting funds for this memorial has been very trying on many of you, but the idea of quitting would be easier never prevailed.  You have all put in countless hours of your time in order to make sure that this beautiful memorial happens.   

As I said in the meeting that I attended for the memorial, I think that this is great for Anthony.  I do not get home as much as I would like, but I still consider Anthony as my home.  The great thing about Anthony is that there are always people thinking about others and they are always concerned about what is going on with you (whether you want them to or not).  J  This memorial will give those of us that are not at home and have not gone through this process with you an opportunity to remember a major event in our lives (together).  As one of my college professors said, this is the first (and hopefully the last) major traumatic event that our generation has had to face.  It brought us closer to the generations before us.  It reminded older generations of events that happened in their lifetime and made my generation more aware of those events.  I believe that this horrible tragedy somehow brought the generations closer together and gave each of us a respect for each other.  I know that this is something that I will always think of when I see the memorial.  Thank you for a place that I can go and remember.  

Some of my friends from Olathe and I are coming down for the dedication of the memorial.  Again, thanks for all of your hard work and I wish I could help.  My check for a brick is in the mail.

Chelsea Catlin


I am a paramedic with Sedgwick County EMS in Wichita, Kansas.  I heard a gentleman this morning telling Cornbread on KFDI about the Anthony, Kansas 9-11 Memorial.  While I was listening I decided that "purchasing" a brick would be the perfect 1 year anniversary gift to my husband.  I have printed off the order form and will mail it tomorrow.  I just wanted to tell you thanks.

Lolena Braun

Sent: July 14, 2004 11:39 PM

My dear friend, Jimmy Boyle, asked if I would place the Anthony Kansas Memorial on my web site - Keystone-FDNY-Retirees . I'm sure our "Thousand Points of Right" will respond and help you in accomplishing this wonderful tribute!


Anything else I can do, I will, for Jimmy......For Michael.......
For Joseph P. Spor, Jr., For Anthony Kansas !
Never Forget !
God bless,
John Gilleeny

To the Anthony 9-11 Memorial Committee:
Thank you for all your dedication and hard work in building a memorial to the victims of 9-11-01 terrorist acts.  The words of those who have written in on your Guestbook have really touched me.
I feel that your memorial will be a perfect place to remember my loved ones who have passed away over the years.  Flowers at the grave wilt and fade away.  But now, I'll know their names will be permanently etched in a beautiful setting in a caring town in Kansas.
I have already purchased a brick for myself.  Now I want to purchase 4 more bricks to read as follows:
    - In Memory of William and Clara Austin
    - Memoriam - Les & Dorritt Heideman
    - Marguerite Herb & Shirley Schnake
Thank You! and I'll put my check in the mail to you today.
Sue Austin
Chesterfield, Missouri

Wednesday, July 21, 2004
9/11 Memorial

It doesn't matter where I was on September 11th, 2001 and it doesn't
matter if I had any personal friends or family in New York that sad sad
day;  I have never had any one single tragedy touch my heart like that
day. They all became my friends & family that day. As I watched those
men & women run into the towers I remember thinking how selfless their
acts of rescue truly were. I'll never forget the helplessness that
overcame me as I sat watching the World Trade Towers collapse, fearing
that the chances of escape and futile. Yet, amazingly, stories of great
courage and miracles surfaced. I love the fact that this memorial gives
me the ability to show my appreciation and gratitude for all those
that sacrifice their lives everyday. Life is too precious to waste on
trivial matters, and the fallout of 9/11 has continued to shape how I
think, how I treat others, and most of all, it completely re-ignited my
patriotism. 'Never Forget' is a message that Americans need to keep
close to their hearts!

Kelly Westra
SBC California 

Edward B. MacDonald
I am a friend and coworker of Joanne Peppard, Joe Spor's sister, and am honored to be able to contribute to your beautiful memorial.
On July 4, 2004 I stood at Ground Zero.  That morning the Cornerstone for the new Freedom Tower was put in place.  It is still a very special place to be, but someday it will be built up and life will move on.  Your memorial will always be there to remind us of the sacrifice of Joe Spor and his fellow firefighters at Engine 88.
Thank you.
Elise MacDonald

July 15, 2004
Dear People of Anthony,
Enclosed is the amount to sponsor one brick for your memorial.  I am assigned to Engine 88 (housed with Ladder 38) in the Bronx.  I was assigned to this firehouse as a Lieutenant shortly after 9-11-01 and thereby never got a chance to work with Joseph Spor Jr.  Non the less I have been so moved by your care, concern, kindness and action to remember all of our fallen brothers.  Joe Huber has kept all of us informed and has been quite the "Kansas ambassador".  Although I probably will not be attending the dedication, I do hope some of the guys can make it.
Personally, I have also had a relationship with a farming community in the west and have a sincere appreciation for the "back bone of America" that you all represent.  For the past 8 years, myself and a few other FDNY members have spent a couple of weeks each fall bow hunting deer on a cattle ranch up in North Dakota.  We spend the day helping out on the ranch and the early morn & evening hunting.  It has become our most "looked forward to" time of year.  Our friends recently sold their ranch, perhaps some day I'll hunt in Kansas!!!!
Thanks again for all your hard work.
 Richard Kirschner

July 23, 2004 9:31 PM
July 23rd update

Thank you for sending me the update on construction of the Anthony 9-11 Memorial.  I live in Overland Park, KS.  Since I'm not in Anthony to observe the construction I really enjoy the pictures of it.
The Anthony 9-11 Memorial is a wonderful tribute to help the generations of people to come remember what  happened on that awful day.  The memorial is also a great tribute to spirit of the people in Anthony.
Great work!
Thank you. 
Ted Baker
You mentioned the cut off for bricks to be included at the 9/11 ceremony is next week.  With that in mind, I'm emailing this request. 
I would like to have the following engraved for the pathway:
Mychal's Prayer
Lord, take me where
You want me to go;
Let me meet who
You want me to meet;
Tell me what
You want me to say,
Keep me out of Your way.
Written by
Father Mychal Judge
FDNY Chaplain
Again, thanks for everything.  

A note from Carol Allen, Anthony, Ks..

Terry and I also want to donate to the Sept. 11 Memorial.  Please engrave the brick:

Terry and

Carol Allen

Michelle O'Leary
Kearney, Missouri

Please add me to the update list!

Stella Spalt
St. Louis, Mo 63122

What a wonderful tribute! Deborah Schott told us about this! One brick is for my husband and me. The other brick is for my department at Lewis and Clark Community College, Godfrey, Illinois.

Stella Spalt

July 16, 2004

Anthony Sept 11 Memorial
% City of Anthony
124 S. Bluff
Anthony, Ks 67003

Dear Sirs:

Please accept this $35.00 check as a donation from the Johnson County Fire Chiefs Association for the Anthony Sept. 11 Memorial. I have enclosed the engraving instructions for the brick.

We are happy to contribute to this important project.

Ted McFarland, Secretary/Treasurer
C/O Johnson County Med-Act
Olathe, Kansas 66061

Thank you!

Ben C. Florance
Fire Chief
Leawood, Kansas


Enclosed is a $50 donation for 1 brick.

By Fireman Larry Ryan's brother, Harold Ryan and his sister Linda Lesher.

Thank you.

Uniformed Fire Officers Association
225 Broadway
New York, New York 10007

It was a pleasure speaking with you the other day. Enclosed please see our check for $500. Make out our brick: 

Uniformed Fire
Officers Assoc
N.Y.C. Local 854

The rest of the money will be a contribution.

Thank you.
James J. McGowan


Please have these 20 bricks arranged together.

Thank you,
Bob Harrison

My sister, now Nancy Lippert will attend the ceremony.

Thank you for your generosity in remembering my beautiful Brian.

Ann Marie McAleese

Are any available? 
Thanks for all that you have done for our heroes of Sept 11th.
Best wishes,
Jeff Billingsley
Memphis TN
 Volunteer Firefighter
DeSoto Co MS Fire Department 

 September 01, 2004 12:56 AM
 Memorial bricks.....
I was looking through the FDNY Rescue 3 website and found the continuing coverage about Joe Spor and your communities' ongoing relationship with them.
Our department here has a Rescue 3 so we feel a connection as well.
I'll definitely get my donation and words for the brick together.  What a great reason to head north from a trip to Oklahoma City.
Best wishes and many thanks for what you all are doing for those great people in NYC!

Debbie, thank you for sending me the 9-11 Memorial Update.  I commend you and the people of Anthony for your hard work building the memorial.  I believe the memorial is a tribute to the spirit of the people in Anthony and to the people who died on 9-11.   I wish I could be in Anthony to see the dedication of the memorial but, I have to work. 

Ted Baker

Overland Park, KS.



Sun 9/21/2008

Hi Debbie,

Was thinking of you. Congratulations on the site being back up. Sorry to hear about your computer problems. We will never forget 9/11 because of the people like you and our brothers and sisters of the Anthony Neb.

God Bless You All,

Gerry Schrang Sr.

Thu 4/23/2009


I am Patrick Weathers, VP of IAFF local 179, up in Hutch. We are finally getting around to designing a permanent 9-11 Memorial with our piece of steel from the WTC. We have been looking for examples of other peoples designs and I think that your is one of the best I have seen. Its great! Currently our steel is upstairs at Fire Station One, is a memorial that our members designed and paid for. We felt that doing that would be a better temporary solution than letting it sit at Central Garage and collect dust, but we would definitely prefer a more visible and accessible location. 

We had a few questions for you though. What treatment, if any, did you apply to the steel to prevent deterioration? Secondly, how did you acquire the land to build the memorial? We have several options for getting the land, but our best location is State land, and that is only available by way of a 99 year lease. Even at that we are not the final say on what can be done with the land.

 Thanks for your time,


I noticed your memorial website while doing a little bit of research the other day. First, I would like to say that this is really nice. It's great to see how so many people rallied together for this cause. It seems that even in one of our darkest hours, we were really able to band together and drive on.

Dave Bell

Sun 1/25/2009


God Bless!

Chad Lackey      

Taylorsville, NC

Thu 7/9/2009


My father went to school in Anthony.  I believe his father is buried there.  Recently I remembered a visit to this lovely city.

While at work today I looked up your web site.  Your 911 memorial is deep and lovely.  I would like to be added to the email list.

My Dad's name; Gordon Arnett

My name is Kathrine (Kate) Arnett Levens Please add this email to your list.

Thank you very much,


Tue 11/24/2009

Hi, my name is Joe Matsch and I am a firefighter at Beverly Hills Fire Department in California.

We are in the planning stages of building a 9-11 Memorial.  I was hoping to speak with you regarding  gathering information about obstacles and hurdles you dealt with while building your Memorial.


Any insight would be appreciated,

Joe Matsch

Hi Debbie,

Just thinking about you and the wonderful monument that the city of Anthony built. In remembering 9-11 I hold out my arms to you and the people of Anthony in prayer and thank you again for the wonderful tribute to my son Gerard and others who sacrificed their lives for us.

We Will Never Forget,

Gerry Schrang Sr.

Sat 9/11/2010

Mon 9/13/2010

Nine years later, I just wanted to reach out and thank you for your tribute to Joe Spor.  I went to college with Joe and was friendly with him but was unaware what had happened to him after graduation.  I just learned this weekend that he was among those who did not make it that day.   I thought that by now I had known of all of those I had been friends with that died so it was a shock.  I have been on line reading about him and came across your site.  As I am sure you heard from everyone you were in contact with, he was a lovely man and as odd as it may seem I find myself grateful for your kindness and recognition of him.

Mary L. McIvor


Hello Debbie, 

I am an Assistant Instructor in the Department of Theatre at the University of Texas at Austin. As part of my thesis work I am creating a documentary play to be presented as a staged reading marking the tenth anniversary of September 11th. My work examines how Americans have changed as a people since that watershed moment. Currently, the project is slated to be performed at campus on September 11, 2011.

The project is of a strong personal nature for me as my husband lost his brother in the North Tower of the World Trade Center. My primary goal for the project is to reinvigorate our unity as a people so present immediately following the attacks and reaffirm we are a nation of inclusive people. The events of September 11th have been under discussed and insufficiently interrogated in the American Theatre. Looking at the event ten years later allows us to remember and reflect on our country's vigorous commitment to opportunity and hope.

Would you or some of the members be interested in speaking to me about this subject? I am interested in the memorial in Anthony and talking further about how we preserve the day.

Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you.


Courtney Sale Manning
MFA, Directing Candidate
The University of Texas at Austin

Wed 4/27/2011

Hi Debbie,

   I think I may have forgotten to let you know Suzy and I will be in town with my parents on Mother's Day weekend.  If you need someone to lay any bricks I'd be glad to do it.  I'll be in touch.  Looking forward to a hug.


(James Beltrami, FDNY)

Tue 5/3/2011

I just finished reading the story behind your memorial and wanted to say thank-you to everyone involved.  I am a 9-11 Pentagon survivor myself (my office was located on the fifth floor where the plane hit - the part which collapsed was actually part of my office).  This memorial truly brought tears to my eyes.

Although it has been almost 10 years since this tragic event, there is not a day that goes by that I am not reminded of it in some way.  Thank-you again for this beautiful memorial.

Lori R. Burroughs

Manhattan, Kansas

Burroughs, Lori R USA CIV (US)



I am an Editorial Assistant at Harper's Magazine in New York. We are interested in running a small piece in our September issue on 9/11 memorials throughout the states. I was wondering if you could tell me how many average visitors the Anthony memorial has per day or per year? Also, how much did it cost to build the memorial itself? If you could get back to me as soon as possible, that would be great.

Thank you for your time,

Ryan Healey
Ryan Healey
Harper's Magazine
Thu 7/7/2011

Wed 7/20/2011

Dear Debbie,

                        I am a member of American Legion Post 180 “American Legion Riders” in Great Bend, Ks. If at all possible the Legion Riders would like to attend any ceremonies that may be scheduled on the upcoming 9/11/11. Please let us know by return email.  I’m not sure if you have already been contacted by any other Legion Riders Chapters so far. When you can give us a tentative schedule of events that may be already in the planning stages we would like to put this on the Legion Riders Website. Being the 10th Anniversary of that date has so much significance to many of us as Legion Riders and Patriot Guard members. Thank You for your time. By the way please add my email address to your list to receive future info. 

Larry “Buck” Buczinski /Staff Sergeant, US Army Retired.

Fri 7/22/2011

Glad to see you getting some of the recognition you deserve!

Look forward to seeing you all soon.

Joe Huber

Aug. 4, 2011

Diane Holder wrote on Facebook: "Sorry to miss Anthony's 9-11 Service. Ben will be participating in LAFD's memorial at the Fire Museum in Hollywood. Our thoughts will be with all of you in Anthony!"

Aug. 5, 2011

Donald M. Bush wrote on the Facebook Wall for Anthony 9-11 Memorial Service.

Donald wrote:

"I want to thank all those with which I served, and especially those who are no longer with us.  God keep in your loving hands those who are still abroad and keeping us out of harms way."

Peggy Wilson Newsome wrote on the FB Wall for Anthony 9-11 Memorial Service.

Peggy wrote:

"Sorry I'm going to miss it. Thank you for your dedication to this wonderful memorial and the survivors and the families of those lost that terrible day."

To Debbie Mangen:

Thank you, for inviting me to this group, and thank you for everything you do to remind us that those who died on September 11, 2001 represented many different races, religions, cultures, and languages.

Many brave young American men and women gave their lives so the rest of us may remain free and live our lives as Americans. We must NEVER dishonor them by allowing ANYONE to destroy America simply by turning us into a nation of haters. It is up to each of us to live our lives in a way that honors their sacrifices, by living our lives without hate; without fear; without racism; and without bigotry.

America always has been; and always will be, above all, a nation that values Freedom and Justice for ALL: regardless of one's religious beliefs; regardless of one's race; regardless of one's heritage; and regardless of one's language(s).

So let's help each other, rather than destroy each other, because there has already been too much hate.

My regards,
Gregg Ryan

(Taken from Gregg's Facebook comment)

When we come to Anthony, it's always fun to visit the memorial to find our names, and names of our Harper County friends. But ultimately it's great to remember those who gave their lives at New York City and also in the armed forces.

Linda Broce

(Taken from Linda's Facebook comment)




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