Ground-breaking Ceremony

June 21, 2004

We remember before you this evening September 11, 2001   

To those who lost their lives to the cold and calculated attacks of terrorists - we offer our prayers for peaceful rest where pain and suffering are no more. 

To those who gave the ultimate - their lives that others might live - we again offer our thanks and praise God for those who give their lives in service to others, Remembering especially: 

Those who serve on our fire, police and sheriff departments, 

Those who work in our hospitals and care home, 

And those who answer the calls of the Emergency Medical Services. 

To those who lost loved ones and to our fellow countrymen - we offer this Memorial. 

May it be to those who pass by here - a teaching on a part of their heritage, 

A lesson on what it truly means to care for your fellow human,  

And a symbol of Love - not only the love between a small town in Kansas and a big city in New York. 

But that thin thread that runs through all of humanity - the LOVE of God which will always outshine the evil works of darkness. 

As it raises from hearts and souls on the the Plains of Kansas may it touch the hearts and souls of those on the coastland and all places in between 

And may it be built to the honor and glory of God through whom all things are possible. 



The long-awaited ground-breaking ceremony for Anthony's Sept. 11 Memorial took place at Memorial Park, Monday, June 21st.  It began with a beautiful prayer at dusk offered by the Rev. Mary Hixson, Grace Episcopal Church, in Anthony.



A short welcome message was given by from 9-11 Chairperson, Donna Crowe.  (L to R) Committee members: Debbie Mangen, Cynda Carr, guest Shane Gentry, new member Shirley Barrett, Sam Beam, Rev. Mary Hixson, Donna Crowe, Howard Hatfield, Mayor John Schott.   Banner holders, Joe Schott and Neven Cullop.







Mayor John Schott said a few words to the small gathering. 








.....and a few more.






Wm. Shane Gentry is a WTC survivor.  He is an attorney from Shawnee, Kansas.  Mr. Gentry was in the south tower when it was hit and had just made his way out of it when the 2nd tower was hit.  He was very kind to come to Anthony to be a part of this ceremony and to meet with the committee.  He also brought Mayor Schott a beautiful book on the World Trade Center.






Some of the many people who came for the ground-breaking.






The committee was joined by the Anthony Police Dept., the Anthony Volunteer Fire Dept, The Harper County Sheriff's Dept. and Harper County EMS.


Sheriff's Dept. Matthew Schultz, Fire Dept. Mark Pfeifer,

Police Dept. Kenny Hodson and EMS Heather Bonham.




Digging in with 4 diggers and only 3 spades, and many "supervisors".







They just kept digging and digging.








Mayor Schott worries about "overtime" as these specialists dig away.







Shane Gentry brought with him an envelope of ashes that he took off his clothing that day and mixed them with some soil he gathered when he went back to NYC for the first anniversary of 9-11.  After our ground was dug, he mixed his soil and ashes with ours to form another bond with that event.







John thanks everyone for coming to be a part of this ceremony.





Members of the committee did some socializing after the ceremony and visited a little longer with Shane, asking him about his experience on 9-11.

Rev. Mary Hixson, Shane Gentry, Shirley Barrett, Joshua Crowe, (son of Donna Crowe), Cynda Carr, and Sam Beam.